06 December 2014

Christmas Break

As of this week, the students and I have completed our classes for the year's second full term, and I've completed my first year of teaching in Kenya. There is some remaining coursework to be completed and assessed, but it's a great time to think about how the Lord has been growing us this year.

More time with these
goofballs over break!
  • I'm thankful for progress in my understanding of the Scriptures. The material I have been teaching this term has been familiar, but we've been presenting it in a new format. Class time has been profitable for me as I engage the students and benefit from their own study of the Scriptures.
  • I feel that the Lord has grown my understanding of Nairobi culture over the year. I'm now beginning to understand how the things I've learned about East African culture in general are being shaped by this urban setting. I still have a long way to go in this, but I'm grateful to the Lord and to my new friends for several "Aha!" moments.
  • It's been exciting to see the way that the Lord is deepening our relationships with our friends here. This last week I met with a man who began classes at EABST late last year. The venue for the meeting was a small cafe in town, a place where he and I had interacted near the beginning of this year. As we sat together on Thursday, the thought occurred to me, "Wow, I remember that conversation; I barely knew you then!" I'm looking forward to the ways that the Lord will continue to use these relationships for mutual edification in the faith.
Please remember to pray for us over the Christmas break. In addition to spending some much needed extra time with family, I'll be preparing to teach a class on the OT Writings (Poetic books + a few others) and a class introducing Greek and Hebrew next term.

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