15 January 2015


After a week or two of rest during the holidays, we've returned to a full schedule at the Pittsley household. Josiah has returned to his schooling, Jenny to teaching him, and I've returned to my school responsibilities as well. Many of you, through special gifts and notes, expressed your support for us, and we're so grateful for the way you made our Christmas special. The gift of Christ's love was reflected to us in your affection and generosity!
Recent weeks have found me preparing for the coming school term in various ways. (1) We've been meeting via Skype as a faculty to discuss administrative issues and think through how best to serve our Kenyan co-laborers with the school. (2) We've been meeting with students and local leaders to discuss how the school can be improved. (3) I've been studying to ready myself to teach.
One of the classes that has been keeping me quite busy in preparation is a block class that I've been invited to teach in Zambia. This February, Lord willing, I'll be giving lectures on Paul's letters to the Colossians and Philemon. It's hard to imagine that it's been four years since we first landed there as a family for a year of teaching at Central Africa Baptist College. I'm eagerly anticipating time with my friends there, and the opportunity to teach in that venue again is a treat. I pray that this signals the beginning of an ongoing partnership between our schools. Please join me in praying for my preparation; there's a load of work to do before I go. Pray too for effective ministry while I'm there and for a safe return to my family after that week of classes.

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