29 April 2015

The Pure Gospel: Proclaim Conference 2015

As the month of May approaches, I’m directing more of my time to preparing for the Proclaim Conference scheduled for May 29 and 30. Many of you have recently asked me to pass along my current prayer requests, and this conference is at the top of the list. We’re planning to address the prosperity gospel and include a pastor’s track on a biblical philosophy of ministry. Please pray that “the true grace of God” (1 Pet 5:12) would be set forth clearly and that he would be glorified as his Word is honored.

One of the workshop sessions I’m planning to teach at the conference will introduce our contacts to a discipleship curriculum that we’re editing for the Kenyan cultural context. The curriculum covers the basics of Christianity, aiming to help new believers begin their journey of lifelong discipleship on the right foot. Please pray for my Kenyan friends and me as we make these edits; also pray that this would be a helpful tool in the hands of our network of Kenyan church leaders.

As always your prayers are prized.

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