03 April 2015

Two Prayer Requests

In our own family news, I visited the immigration office Thursday morning to try to straighten out a problem we have been having with Jamin's documentation. The government requirement is that Jenny and the boys all get registered under my work visa. For some reason everyone's application has been accepted except Jamin's. His application hasn't been denied; it has just disappeared. It looks like we'll begin the process again for the third time next week. One answer to prayer was that they granted an extension to his visitor's pass without hassle; this should give us some time for Attempt #3 to play out. Please pray for progress on this issue.
I honestly wish this update could end with that mundane request. As we entered Easter weekend, we have been poignantly reminded of the need for the life-changing gospel and the hope that Jesus' resurrection gives us. CNN's website read yesterday, "'It is a very sad day for Kenya,' Interior Ministry Joseph Nkaissery said of the carnage at Garissa University College." An Al-Shabaab attack killed 147 people at the school on Thursday. This is the deadliest attack of its kind in Kenya since 1998. While the attack occurred more than two hundred miles away, we grieve with our Kenyan friends and pray for the progress of peace and stability throughout the country. Please join us in prayer in accordance with 1 Timothy 2:1–7.

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