26 August 2015

Welcoming New Students and Planning Furlough

This last week someone asked me about how our conference last May went. As it happened that very day we as faculty had been discussing one of the outcomes from that time: new student applicants! I responded, "The conference went better than we could have planned. We were able to network with many churches beyond our normal circle. Several men have expressed interest in the school, and a couple have even begun to take classes through that event." God has been so good to grant us these opportunities to serve our city and prepare people for Christ's mission.
One of the classes I'm teaching this term is on the book of Acts. The class is part of a foundational core of classes that set the tone and show students what we're about as a school. As we surveyed the book this week, we came across how Paul and Barnabas reported back to the Antioch church and served there between missionary tours. The time has come for the Pittsleys to begin planning such a return journey. We plan to be back in the States for roughly five months (mid-June to mid-November) next year. If you'd like us to plan a visit, feel free to contact me.

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