15 April 2016

Hosting Visitors and Preaching Hosea

The Shermans and The Pittsley Boys
Jenny and I have enjoyed the change in schedule the past week or two as we have had some out-of-the-ordinary opportunities. First, two good friends who taught with me in 2011 at CABC in Zambia came up for a visit. It was a pleasure to help them find several items they have had difficulty acquiring there. They were an encouragement to us in our work here, and we're excited about future opportunities to serve together in equipping ministers of the gospel in Africa.
Second, I had the opportunity to preach at EBC last Sunday and will again this Sunday. This privilege is usually available only once or twice a year, so I'm always glad to grab it. I'm attempting to work through the entire book of Hosea in two sermons, so the challenge has been to capture the general context, the basic structure, and the core message of the book. What has been exciting is to see how God's holy, unconquerable love overcomes Israel's repugnant idolatry and covenant-breaking, both through the forgiveness of sins and through heart transformation. Ultimately, it is the cross that makes this kind of victory over rebellion a reality. His grace is greater than our sin!
Please pray for a strong finish for our students. Introduction to Biblical Theology and Interpreting 2 (Intro to Greek and Hebrew) are quickly coming to a close, and oral exams are just around the corner! Thank you for partnering with us in this joyful calling to equip servants to lead in Christ's church in East Africa and beyond.

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