29 April 2016


View from my Office
The rains have come. April and May are normal rainy season months here in Kenya. As someone who grew up in the desert Southwest, I always find this a beautiful and exciting time of year. Everything is so green!
It's not without its drawbacks. Flooding in the city can endanger homes and lives and make travel prohibitive. As in any city, a change in weather often results in traffic accidents and significant delays. Storms frequently knock out power, and both cable and cellular Internet becomes much more unreliable. Each droplet represents a warning and a mercy: a warning of our fragility in the face of events we cannot control and a mercy that God is providing for our needs.
School is winding to a close as all of the teachers will hold their final classes in the next week or so. Please pray for students as they compose their final projects and prepare for their oral exams. Please also pray for the pastors' conference quickly approaching at the end of May. Thank you for your continued partnership!

UPDATE: As I wrote this post, the day's rain was really only just beginning. It became increasingly intense over the next hour or two, and while it appears to be calming now, I've heard reports of walls collapsing and fatalities. Please pray for those affected.

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