13 May 2016

Calm Before the Storm

With all class sessions completed last week, we took a long weekend away from Nairobi to take some time to catch our breath before six weeks of intense activity. We had a relaxing time and enjoyed seeing jackals, rhinos, elephants, cape buffalos, and several types of antelope. All of the kids stayed back with sitters and enjoyed their break from parents too.
One of our church partners recently wrote asking for updated prayer requests. I've included my response here with some minor modifications.
The three urgent requests on the top of my mind are
(1) that Christ would be magnified as we grade summary projects and final exams for students who are preparing and working to serve his church with their lives;
(2) that God’s Word would be honored and spread rapidly through our Proclaim Conference for pastors and church leaders later this month; and
(3) that God would grant order, discipline, and peace as we prepare to leave home soon for a five-month stateside ministry assignment.

Two important ongoing requests for us are
(4) that Christ would continue to build his church through us as our team seeks to equip pastors and church-planters for the harvest; and
(5) that God would grant each member of our family the humility, gratitude, godliness, and wisdom that we desperately need in order to honor him with our lives.

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