31 May 2016

Safari Njema

After several months of prep, the last week or two before the Proclaim Conference was a flurry of activity. It all paid off though when over 400 participants, including around 100 pastors, came through our gates last weekend. What an incredible privilege and weight of responsibility the Lord has entrusted to us! We're thankful for the solid teaching of our guest and local speakers, for the help of nearly 40 volunteers, and for our stateside church partners as well. The teachers concentrated on the theme of the proclaimed Word, equipping men to preach expositionally. The volunteers invested hundreds of manhours on registration, food coordination, and info desk work among other tasks. Our partners enabled us to acquire and ship quality resources to give away to pastors and other church leaders and members—and all of you are the ones who keep us here anyway through your prayers and partnership. Thank you!
One of the guest speakers, Pastor Mark Brock of Crossway Baptist, invited us along for a quick safari ("safari njema" means nice journey) to the Maasai Mara. This is the first time for our family, and we're enjoying the trip. Yesterday afternoon we were about 10 feet from a lounging lion with only the vehicle doors separating us. We're enjoying God's magnificent creation. 

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