14 June 2016

Saying Byes

I'm sitting in traffic on the way to the airport. No, I'm not texting while driving. I'm enjoying a rare break from being behind the wheel as we take this last trip down these familiar roads.

God's grace toward us over this term has been nothing short of awesome. As I consider some of the highlights I can't help but place friendships at the top of the list. It is through friendships that we are engaging in our privilege to announce the good news of Christ's victory over sin and death. And it is through friendships that we are mutually discipled to be more like Christ in the context of our beloved church, EBC. Some of our closest friends here are men who have come to EABST to train for ministry. Others are our ministry coworkers—my fellow faculty members. Friendship is part of what makes leaving hard.
On the other hand, what we're looking forward to most about the States is catching up with friends, ministry partners, and beloved family, so our hearts are divided.
Our purpose however is clear and single. The best thing we can do for our friends, the purest love we can show them, is to seek our joy and theirs in knowing Christ and making him known through well-led and well-taught local churches.
Please keep us in your prayers as we travel tonight and tomorrow—and as we travel throughout the US over the next several months. Thank you for partnering with us.

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