22 July 2016

After Almost One Full Day of Driving

We've enjoyed the bustle of the last five weeks since we landed in the States. Our first couple of weeks I was preparing a video presentation report for our time here in the States. Those initial days gave us the opportunity to get re-acclimated to the Western and Northern hemispheres and to see some of our friends at InterCity Baptist. One thing the kids had to adjust to was the brightness of the sun at bedtime. It's been awhile since they've had a summer outside of the tropics!
From there we traveled through Canada from Michigan to Syracuse, NY. The boys handled the trip pretty well. It was the longest they have been on for a while. We're grateful for the way the Lord has provided a place for us to stay and for the way we've been able to spend some time catching up with members of various churches. The kids have been able to see Grandma and Grandpa Parker nearly every day!
While we've been here, we've visited four churches. Heritage Baptist was our first church to report to, and we appreciated the welcome we received there: they truly made us feel like partners in the gospel, coworkers on different sides of the globe. Next we went to Faith Baptist. We were glad to be able to participate in their VBS children's outreach as well as spending a Sunday worshiping and sharing a meal with them. From there, I took a trip alone to be with Grace Bible Church near Richmond, VA. They graciously gave me an opportunity to speak on missions at their first annual men's retreat and report more broadly to the entire church on Sunday morning. It was privilege for me to strategize and discuss missions with these men who are committed to Christ's cause both globally and locally. Finally, we reported to Jenny's parents' church this last Sunday. We have called New Testament Baptist our church in the area for years. It's where I did my pastoral internship coming out of Bible college, and it's where Jenny and I were wed, so they will always be special to us.
Thank you for keeping us in your prayers as we travel and serve.
Now for some stats!
Total churches visited: 5
Total miles/km traveled: 1453 mi / 2338 km
Total est. hours driving: 22hr 29min

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