17 January 2017

Word's Getting Out

Last Tuesday we began classes at EABST, and we're quite excited about two new developments here. The first is a couple of courses, Church Life and NT Survey, that we're implementing for the first time this semester. Some time ago, we identified several gaps in our curriculum and started planning to close those gaps. NT Survey is aimed especially at those students whose programs don't include our biblical theology courses. We want to expose them to the riveting message of the New Testament books with a view toward the grand story of redemption in Christ. Church Life covers sometimes controversial issues like the roles and responsibilities of pastors, church members, and missionaries. Other classes we're teaching include Evangelism, Old Testament Theology of the Writings, and New Testament Theology of Matthew and Mark.
The other news we're excited about is that the Lord has brought seven new students our way! One of the new students, a pastor from a church across town, took me aside today to gently rebuked me. He said he had been looking for solid, affordable theological education for years. "Why are you keeping this place a secret?" he asked, only half joking. In fact, we're quite glad that word about us is getting out, and we're eager to be of service to this fine group of students as they seek to serve our Lord and his people. Please continue to pray with us as we seek to help churches entrust the Word to faithful men.

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