24 March 2017

The Kids

One area of everyday life that I don't frequently write about is family. Jenny and the boys work hard on their homeschooling throughout the day during the week. Sometimes it's difficult to notice development as each day blends into the next.
However, we're excited about a few areas our boys where the boys are making some progress. Josiah has begun joining us in the adult services at Emmanuel. I don't remember specifically how he conveyed to us that he was ready, but we've been enjoying the discussion after each sermon. He appears excited to learn what to listen for to understand a sermon well. I've had the opportunity to preach several times recently, so it's been fun to discuss my sermons with him.
Together as a family we have been memorizing Hebrews 11. Jonas has taken the lead here: He's the one to remind us at bedtime that we need to spend some time working on it, and he always wants to try the new verses first.
Jamin has been reading The Big Picture Story Bible to us in the evenings. It's so neat to watch his confidence in reading grow as he makes steady progress through the hefty book. As a father it's exciting to see these evidences that God is watching over our children spiritually. Please continue to pray that we would lead them well and that they would walk with the Lord.

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