12 August 2017

Post-Election Silence

Around 9 years ago this fall, I preached my first deputation message on our long journey to Kenya. The text was 1 Timothy 2:1–7. There Paul instructs churches to pray for those in authority that we may "live peaceful and quiet lives" not for the sake of our own comfort but because "God our Savior…wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth." National peace and stability is a strategic tool in the hand of God for the sake of the progress of the gospel.

The results of the Kenyan election were given last night, and the incumbent was declared the winner. While the opposition leader has disputed the results, he has not called upon his supporters to protest publicly—at least not yet—and for that we're thankful. There have been some skirmishes between police and protesters here and there in the city and around the country, but on the whole sanity has been maintained.  Right now, it's really quiet outside, and we're okay with that. 
Please continue to pray for peace, for the sake of the many Kenyan lives at stake, and for the sake of the Name.

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