28 February 2018

February Flies By

I find it incredible that I'm already looking at the end of this month! Life has been flying by in Nairobi. Here are a couple of highlights:

Jonathan Moore and I have rebooted our regular curriculum development meetings. It is our hope that we will have completed development for 4 new courses for EABST before the end of the year. We were already halfway through one course when the year started and made some serious progress on it even today. It's a privilege to be involved at this research and planning stage hunting down the perfect reading material and deciding which class sessions will discuss what. It's one of my favorite parts of the week.
A Potential Church Meeting Place
(with some work to do!)
Early this month I had the opportunity to travel with one of the deacons of EBC and one of the church planting interns from last year to scope out a few potential sites for church planting in the town of Nakuru about 94.4 miles (3 hours drive) from Nairobi. Nothing is settled yet, but we would love to continue to see EBC planting churches in the country and beyond.
EBC graciously invited me to preach twice this month. I covered the books of Zephaniah and Haggai in one sermon each. While these unfamiliar books may refer to ancient customs and foreign institutions, our God, our human nature, and the biblical worldview don't change, so it has been both exciting and convicting to explain and apply the message of these prophets to our modern situation.
Classes continue to go well, as do our weekly meetings with EBC's interns. In Intro to Biblical Theology, we are preparing to tackle important discussions such as "Salvation in the Old Testament," and "the Mosaic Law and the New Testament Christian." In our intern meetings, each of EBC's three interns are preparing and delivering weekly Bible messages from various genres throughout the Scriptures. These sermons have been encouraging and challenging. It's such a privilege to be involved in the lives of these gifted servants of Christ!
We're so grateful for your continued prayer and partnership with us in the gospel of Jesus!

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