30 June 2018

Intro to Biblical Theology

I’m going to try to get out several brief updates over the next couple of weeks to catch everyone up on recent events. My last update was before the school term ended.
This term I taught Introduction to Biblical Theology. This class helps students begin the process of dealing with the Bible as a whole. Its two main projects (1)  trace the storyline of the Scriptures through God’s major covenants with humans and (2) summarize the basic message of the Scriptures. These two perspectives are useful as we seek to see the Bible’s unity. One shows the line, the cord, so to speak through how the Bible’s most significant characters frame its narrative. The other shows a cross-section of that cord showing how the Bible’s main themes interrelate in a consistent way. We’re praying that this class provides a foundation for helping students place themselves in the proper part in the story—between Christ’s first and second comings, a time when believers are called strangers and pilgrims who await a lasting city, a better country. Please pray that theologies that promote living a prosperous life now over investing in eternity would be undermined as our students engage in biblical church ministry.
I was able to complete exams and assessments (aka grading) for this term mid-May. I am thankful for God’s help in getting that done in preparation for Proclaim at the end of last month. But that’s for next update.

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