30 June 2020

As Strangers and Pilgrims

We're grateful for your continued prayer for us during this difficult time. The Lord has continued to show his faithfulness to us in keeping us safe and healthy. Jen continues to keep the boys to their schooling schedule, and I'm finishing up my record-keeping tasks for EABST. One new item this month is the opportunities that we've had to meet in groups of 2–4 people on our apartment balcony. It has been so energizing and refreshing to meet and talk with other believers in person.

Please pray for us that the Lord would grant us wisdom as we seek to disciple other believers.
Please pray for the Kenyan government. They are set to announce early next week when and how churches will be allowed to regather.
Pray also for the pastors at Emmanuel Baptist Church as we seek to shepherd God's flock here even while we're scattered. Pray that we'll be able to wisely manage regathering when the Lord provides for that.
This season has served to reinforce for us how the Lord is our dwelling place and that this age is passing. Here and now is not our home; we are strangers and pilgrims.
Thank you for your continued partnership in the gospel and again for your prayers.

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