27 February 2006

A Reminder Concerning Compassion

This post reminded me of a man in my church back home. He was the head of the local crisis pregnancy center, and he continually poured himself into hurting sinners who were looking for help and compassion. Because he was more frank than our parents in warning us about sexual immorality, my friends and I always thought he was a little strange. But as a new dad and as a future pastor, I see his life work in a new light.

He and his wife daily labored to provide what these girls needed:

Help, compassion, and straight talk from someone who has taken the time to get to know them, to invest in them, and to love them in their current state. Someone to cry with them, to change diapers with them, to laugh with them, to enjoy motherhood with them, to have coffee with them and talk about their now shared experiences.

Certainly this is one vital way we can “do good to all people” (Gal 6:10).


T. Baylor said...


I appreciated your post. I think the quote is right on target -- more than this, I wonder if ministry apart from these things is ultimately affective. How can we as ministers of the gospel teach our people the application of the gospel to daily living, if we are not appart of their daily living. When viewed in light of the major events of life, it is plain that shepherding from the pulpit alone is completely impossible. The form of our ministry must take the form of people's lives.

Jeremy Pittsley said...

The preaching of the word is the pastor's central responsibility perhaps, but not his sole responsibility.