09 December 2008

Gathtering Advice and Contacts

Please do not eat the n00bs.In addition to Thanksgiving celebration with family and the announcement of a new addition coming to our family, I've had the opportunity in the last weeks to meet for counsel about the coming months of our lives with a few different people.

Our missionary partners, the Weavers, met with us for lunch while they were in town. I'm so glad God has provided an experienced couple to help us with the coming adventures in our life. I know that many n00b missionaries don't really have that opportunity, so we are grateful.

I just got out of a meeting with the business manager at our church. I was expecting finances and especially taxes to be complex, and he confirmed my suspicions. He had a number of helpful suggestions for handling them over the coming year. The church is also helping to make the transition as smooth as possible by acquiring a license for me before I leave.

The licensing is an exciting development that just came up recently. It looks like the plan is to do an ordination before I actually leave, but for now I will be licensed. This status is basically equivalent as far as tax benefits are concerned, so this is another instance of God's provision for us.

Also I finally finished my initial contact database last night, so I'm rushing to get some packets out to pastors before everyone checks out for the holidays.

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