29 May 2009

Still Waiting

There's not really much new to report from the last couple of weeks. Everything may be summarized in a few bullets.

  • Jonas has not come yet. At Jenny's appointment today they told her that they would discuss induction at her Monday appointment if the baby has not yet come. Pray for a safe delivery and healthy baby.
  • I am preparing to set up meetings for this year and next. Pray for God's timing in getting us to the field. We would still like to make it before the end of next year.
  • I have the opportunity to teach adult Sunday school and junior church while we're here in Albuquerque waiting for Jonas. I'm very happy about the opportunity to serve.
I'll be sure to update everyone with Jonas news when there is something new to report.

12 May 2009

Calling Contacts and Email Subscription

Call, call, call!The last couple of weeks have been generally uneventful as Jenny continues her weekly doctor visits, and I continue to make calls to set up meetings with pastors. All of Jenny's check-ups have been normal. It's hard to imagine we'll have a baby around in three weeks or so! I may get one or two more meetings squeezed in for this year, but now I'm working mostly on next year's meetings. It has been good for me to see God provide in these ways.

I was able to attend a regional pastors' conference here in Albuquerque early last week. The pastor I grew up under at Sun Valley Baptist introduced me to a number of new contacts there. I am now working through all of the churches in that fellowship and contacting many of their pastors. I think of it as a hunt for those churches that God has planned for us to partner with. I always have to remember that, though God uses means to accomplish his wise plan, our trust should not be in the means, but in the God whose plan can never fail.

Feedburner®!In other news, I have finally set up an email subscription form. If you are interested in partnering with us in prayer, please type your email into the form here on the right sidebar of my blog under "Subscriptions and Your Email." You will receive by email these blog posts and the quarterly newsletter; I will not use your email address for any other purpose. If you have already contacted me with this request, you will have received a verification email from Google's Feedburner today. Simply verify your email address to begin receiving email updates from me. We have already seen the grace of God in our lives as he works on behalf of those who call on him for our sake; thank you for partnering with us in that way.