31 March 2010

Moving Along

Beautiful Landscapes Along the WayFrom northern California I left for Jackson, WY. On the way, I had a great opportunity to visit Matt Ortega, pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church near Salt Lake City, UT. I also added Idaho to the list of states that I've been able to visit during deputation; it took me a couple of hours to cut across the very southeastern corner of the state.

It will be a long time before I forget the fraternity of spirit I enjoyed with the Edmondsons in Jackson. I was able to present our ministry to their church, Community Bible, and take part in their Sunday evening Bible study. Robin and Lola, the Edmondson KidsI came out of the weekend deeply refreshed and challenged in my zeal to know Christ and wishing for more time to get to know this couple and the church.

Since then I've been working on a few projects that had been waiting for a break in scheduled meetings. I moved loads of stuff from where we were staying in Albuquerque to storage and to where we are now staying in El Paso. (Please email me if you need a US mail address update.) Among the other things that came down with me, Jonas's crib has finally come into use. The ChoobOver the last week or two, we have also been getting to know some new friends at Grace Bible Fellowship here in El Paso. We hope to get involved frequently at this church when we are not in meetings elsewhere.

We're so thankful for the way God has used his people to strengthen our faith and provide for our needs. We're also thankful that he has allowed us to recover from a recent round of the stomach bug. I think we all got it, but as of yesterday all of us are healthy again. Please pray that God would continue to use meetings for the mutual encouragement of his people's faith. Pray that time spent presenting the work and cultivating relationships would result in long-lasting partnerships that move us along to Kenya quickly.

10 March 2010

From Eastern New Mexico to Northern California

Temple Baptist Church, Hobbs, NM
The last few weeks have been full of travel for me. If you've been following us for long, you know that this is no news. What's different is that I've been traveling solo. With Josiah and Jonas coming down with a nasty cold and to ease our accommodation needs, we decided that I would do these last two trips alone.

Sunday, 28 February, was a long day for me. I left for Hobbs, NM, from El Paso, TX, late Saturday night and arrived early Sunday morning. During the Sunday school hour, I had the privilege of observing the relationship the pastor at Temple Baptist has with his people. Genuine care, trust, and fellowship seasoned the lesson time. After the services, the pastor's family treated me to steak dinner--a delicious surprise! After presenting the work in the evening service, I made my sleepy way home and fell asleep immediately upon reaching my pillow.

This last Sunday I was in San Leandro, near San Francisco, CA. In the AM service, Pastor Carruthers reminded the congregation of Manor Baptist Church about the importance of the doctrine of the inspiration of the Scriptures. I had an opportunity to talk to many of the members there in the morning, and presented in the evening. Repeatedly during my time there, I was encouraged to see how intentional they were about making their missionaries part of their regular prayer life as a church.

This week I have been staying in Pinole, CA, with a church we've visited a couple of times before. Yesterday, Pastor Baker took me up on my general offer to help him as needed. I had the opportunity to get involved in weeding and clearing an area of property next to the church, to help the pastor list some books online for sale, and to work the DVD player and data projector for a ladies' prayer meeting. The missionary has a broad and satisfying job description; I love it!

Please pray for the health of the kids and for my safety on the roads. After updating the folks here at First Baptist of Pinole tonight, I'll be headed to Wyoming tomorrow before coming home to the family next week.

God is keeping us safe and giving us opportunities to develop friendships here with a view toward finding ministry partners for the work in Kenya. Praise him for his faithful love and his zeal for his glory among the nations!