14 July 2010

Sifting Through Stuff And More Calling

The last few weeks have been crammed with calls to pastors to set up meetings in churches. The calendar for the next year and half is beginning to fill up. Next week we are headed for our first trip to the Dallas region as we visit a fellow DBTS grad and the church he pastors in Paris, TX. From there we are visiting the folks at Community Baptist in Brighton, CO, again. We will be helping with a few practical needs and filling the pulpit while the pastor is on vacation. God is good to provide these opportunities to serve.

Those who follow us on Facebook or Twitter know that Jenny and I took a quick trip to Albuquerque recently to sift through storage. There's still lots of work to do before we've made all the necessary decisions on what comes with us to Kenya and what goes on sale. It's sad sometimes to part with items that often carry sentimental value, but we are excited to be making practical steps toward our departure to Kenya.

Speaking of departing to Kenya, my friends and coworkers, the Huffstutlers, will be leaving the country before my next update. They have finished raising support, and they are now completing the packing stages. It's so good to see them reach the end of their deputation trail and graduate to ministry overseas.

Please pray that we are able to continue to fill up our schedule and that our meetings result in more partners in our ministry to Kenyans.