01 May 2012

Moving and Two Conferences

The Lord answered your prayers while we were in Albuquerque, NM. We only had an extended weekend to move our stuff from storage, organize it, and load it into the trailer we rented to move everything up to Michigan. But we were able to finish the job. We were grateful for help that came in from a few family members to keep us going. My mom pitched in and babysat the kids many of the days. They even got to go to a local aquarium one day.
After dropping off the trailer in Michigan, we enjoyed Resurrection Sunday with New Testament Baptist Church, a partner church in Syracuse, NY, where Jen's family attends. No sooner had we arrived, it seemed, and I was off for another engagement.
One of my good friends from seminary days is a pastor at Community Baptist Church, Woodhaven, MI. The church's two pastors, a mutual friend, and I, attended a large pastors' conference in Kentucky. I can't remember a more spiritually enriching time of preaching from the Word, theological discussion, and fellowship around the gospel. I was glad to touch base with many contacts from college while I was there as well. We came home eager to return to our ministries in local churches. That Sunday I was able to present the ministry at Community Baptist.
Last week, I gave myself to catching up on a considerable task list that had mounted while we were packing and attending conferences. During the week, the pastor at New Testament Baptist made arrangements to take another church leader and me to another's pastors conference. This smaller conference was still characterized by great preaching from the Word and fellowship. The three of us had a few great theological conversations on the six-hour car ride each way. God is so good to provide these times of mutual sharpening and encouragement!
Sunday before last, I was able to introduce myself to the deacons of an area church that is currently without a pastor. I'm eager to see what opportunities to serve the Lord will provide through this church, New Testament Baptist, and others in the area. Building relationships through service is often the route to new partnerships for the progress of the gospel around the world.
Thank you for keeping our desire to reach Kenya quickly before the Lord in your prayers.