21 August 2012

Back to Central, NY

Saturday before last, our pleasant stay in Michigan drew to a close. I am so glad we had the opportunity to enjoy time with friends new and old while I worked with Community Baptist. Our family will look forward to many future visits with this precious church as our friendship blossoms into partnership.
Before we left Michigan, we met one of Jenny's friends who works as a photographer. She gave us an exceptional rate for a photo shoot, so we took her up on the offer. We're so grateful for the way God grants these opportunities.
On Sunday, 12-Aug, I served at Calvary Baptist, Preble, supplying their pulpit. We also joined in their Wednesday night prayer meeting. I was excited to hear Josiah jump right in with me and the other men, praying for our needs and the needs of the church. I love that we are developing these memories as a family in the context of churches we hope to partner with in the future. Serving and praying with these committed followers of Christ draws us together into his mission!
Last Sunday found us back at New Testament Baptist. We had not visited this partner church on a Sunday in some time, and I was glad to speak with a number of our friends there. I hope to continue working with them on a project or two in the coming weeks.
Next Sunday, I will be presenting our ministry to Dresserville Baptist Church. I met the pastor there through Calvary Baptist, Preble, where he was discipled. It's exciting for me to see the way God has grown a faithful network of solid churches through the faithful work of Bible-driven pastors. The gates of hell will not prevail against Christ's church!
My home church regularly asks for 5–7 prayer requests to guide the church body in prayer for us. Allow me to share them with you:

  • Please pray for us to maintain hearts overflowing with gratitude in light of our Savior's shocking sacrifice.
  • Please pray for confidence to put our shoulder to the task of finding partner-churches, knowing the Captain of our salvation is ever victorious.
  • Please pray that relationships with local churches here in upstate NY would continue to develop into partnerships.
  • Please pray for great contacts and meetings this coming winter in the Southwest.
  • Please pray us that we would be able to leave for the field by the end of next May.
As always, your prayers are deeply appreciated.