28 May 2014

Second School Term

Thank you for being in prayer for our Spiritual Leadership Conference. The committee of students, who did the lion's share of organizing, sourcing, promoting, preparing, and running the conference, did a stellar job. Our mission was to encourage area churches to defend and proclaim the biblical gospel, and from the feedback I am hearing, the Lord has used the conference to accomplish that goal. We're praying that God grants an even better conference next year, May 22–23, 2015.
Two other events comprise our second term at EABST. The first is the session of block classes Jonathan Moore and I will be teaching starting 9-Jun and running to 21-Jun. These classes will be intense, so please pray for physical and mental endurance as well as comprehension and transformation through our study of the Scriptures. We're excited to have Jeff Straub come from Central Seminary for our final second term event. In July, he plans to teach a one-week block class on the history of Christianity in Africa.
Please pray for us as we become more involved in the school that we would be able to integrate our responsibilities with a hearty dose of culture acquisition. It would be easy to underestimate the need for us to put ourselves in the position of learners and to really listen to what is going on around us culturally. This first missionary term is especially important for acquiring the habits that will enable us to be as effective as possible where our God has placed us.

05 May 2014


We have completed my first term teaching here in Kenya. Thank you for all of your prayers for my Acts class; we had a great time exploring the book and applying its divine authority to our own strategies for fulfilling the Great Commission. Next I will be teaching a block class on the biblical covenants in June.
Meeting at Nairobi Java House
We filled this last month with visits of various kinds. First, I had the opportunity to visit with Church of the Open Bible, Burlington, MA via Skype. Later in the month I would also be able to visit with New Testament Baptist during a morning service via FaceTime. While nothing beats actually being present with God's people, I was grateful for the opportunity to share prayer requests and a progress report with these churches without having to interrupt our normal life and ministry routine. I look forward to visiting more of our partners (or potential partners) this way.
We also enjoyed having our pastor, Dave Doran, visit from Allen Park, MI. We organized several team meetings around his stay here, so it was exciting to enjoy everyone's company, think through current ministry challenges, and strategize about the future.
When I began writing this update, I was waiting to meet over lunch with the pastor of Emmanuel Baptist, Joel Weaver. Jenny and I are grateful for the expert advice and wise counsel he has offered us new missionaries. During this visit, we discussed handling plumbing issues and finding shortcuts around town. These kind of simple everyday issues can seriously deplete precious time, energy, and morale when transitioning to a new culture, so I'm glad to have someone around who can help.
This month Jenny and I are planning to meet with a friend from our sending church who also has loads of missionary experience and is helping us stay accountable to our plan for acquiring language and culture. Pray that his visit is encouraging and productive.
Please also pray for our upcoming leadership conference: PreachTheGospel2014.com, and pray for peace and stability in this city and the nation of Kenya (1 Tim 2:1–6).

Your prayers are precious to us!