29 October 2015


When Paul wrote his letter to the Philippians, one of his primary purposes was to share his gratitude to God for them. Through the person of Epaphroditus, they had partnered with Paul in his time of need and for the “defense and establishment of the gospel” (Phil 1:6). We too are grateful to God for our church partners. Recently they have stood with us by helping us acquire and ship over 500 study Bibles for use in conferences and other pastoral training opportunities. Thank you!
Resources like these are an important part of how we can fulfill our mission to equip Kenyan church leaders for Great Commission work here and around the world. Of course, nothing can replace working alongside these men in ministry, growing together in our ability to apply the unchanging Scriptures to this fast-developing urban context. I would love for you to pray for one such ministry opportunity. Beginning next week and through the next several months, I will be teaching principles of Bible study with a Kenyan friend of mine at our local church. Please pray with us that God would equip his people to love and learn from his precious Word.

14 October 2015

Life in a New Location

We have really been enjoying the new location that the Lord has provided for us through the generosity of our church partners. It is much closer to the church, so that reduces my travel time from about 13 hours a week to maybe 2.5.
One of the greatest advantages has been that we have been able to host fellow members of EBC who live in the immediate area. Before we considered ourselves fortunate to have even one visitor a month; now, however, we have been able to host someone once a week or more. It's a simple matter of logistics, but God has been using the change to give us opportunities to be with people, and people are the instruments he uses to fashion us into the likeness of his Son.

Another opportunity that our new location provides for us is that we can have closer interaction with our team. The members of the faculty have always made some time to discuss necessary work details, but now it is much more feasible to get together as families and enjoy downtime together. Last Sunday night all 15 of us (6 adults and 9 kids) enjoyed pizza and ice cream at our place. We treasure this time together!
Please pray that God would use these relationships for his glory as we seek to grow together as a body, challenge one another in godliness, and team up in Christ's mission to gather a people for his name from among the nations.