27 November 2015

15 November 2015

Another Term Closing

We've completed the final classroom sessions of 2015. Only a few final projects and exams remain—and some major grading! Please pray as the students work hard to demonstrate their competencies both through oral exams and final projects. Also pray for us as teachers as we seek to use these final hours with the students strategically, both as an assessment of what they have learned and also as an opportunity to shore up what hasn't.
Our partners, the Moores, have an exciting opportunity to go home to visit family this holiday season.  They are also using the time to visit several potential partner churches. Pray for them that God would keep them safe and healthy as they travel, provide for their budgeted support needs, and bring them back quickly. We'll miss them.
Please continue to pray for the discipleship opportunities that we have each week. We treasure our deepening friendships here and long for God to use them in a way that shapes all of us into Christ's image. Thank you for persevering in prayer for us!