01 February 2020

Classes Begin

Today we held our customary EABST family get-together at the beginning of the semester. I was so excited to meet a student who started with us last semester while I was in the States. He attended the luncheon with his wife and four children. He shared with me about how our Interpreting class, an introduction to hermeneutics, is affecting his life. His new skills in grasping the main idea and the big picture of the passages he studies is opening new vistas of understanding of the Scriptures. He and his wife shared how they are both benefiting in that he is sharing what he is learning with her. In turn, they are helping their children grow in their skill in reading the Scripture well. She is sharing with her ladies' Bible study at church, and he is teaching the youth group passage-by-passage using his new skills. It's thrilling to be part of what the Lord is doing for his people here in Nairobi!
This semester, I am teaching three classes. Interpreting 2 follows up on the class the student was discussing. This is where I get to introduce students to the original languages. They're already hard at work learning the Greek alphabet. I am also teaching Theology 1 where we piece together what God's Word says about itself, about God, and about Christ's person and work. Finally I'm teaching a class on the Latter Prophets, which includes Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and the twelve Minor Prophets. We'll be busy this semester! Keep us in prayer as we seek to teach God's Word and equip God's servants for his harvest fields.
Also pray that the Lord would continue to use our ministry to Emmanuel Baptist Church. Tomorrow we're starting a new series in the adult Bible study time on congregational counseling. Each one of us as church members is called to serve the body, to be "full of goodness, filled with knowledge and competent to instruct one another" (Rom 15:14). May God grant grace that we may match that description for his glory.